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Q. Can I refer myself?
A. Yes, you can refer yourself. You don’t need a referral from your GP but if you are not paying for your own treatment you may need to go via your insurance company. I’m happy to discuss your needs, over the phone and for free, in the first instance.

Q. Does coming for an initial session commit me to therapy?
A. An initial session can be helpful for you to consider if now is the right time for therapy or whether you feel we will be able to create a safe and secure therapeutic relationship together. It may take a few sessions to feel entirely comfortable and that’s ok. We can take it at your pace. Coming for an initial session does not commit you to future sessions.

Q. How many sessions do I need?
A. It’s hard to predict how many sessions someone may need and everyone is different. During our initial session we will discuss how many sessions you are likely to need and a date to review how we feel things are progressing. We can discuss extending the therapy or you can choose to end the therapy at any time during our work together.

Q. What if I know the type of therapy I’d like?
A. During our initial session we will discuss what approach I feel is likely to suit your needs best and how this fits with your expectations. As a clinical psychologist, I am trained in a number of evidence based therapies and experienced in ensuring the selected approach is suitable for and tailored to an individual’s particular needs. 

Q. How much does it cost and how do I pay?
A. Each case is different and the type of work can vary. All costs will be made clear to you before we begin working together. You can pay via cash, cheque, bank transfer, debit card or credit card.

Q. Is what you provide confidential?
A. At the start of our work together we will discuss my duty to share information, for example with your GP, if you or someone else is at risk. In line with BPS ethical guidelines, I receive supervision to ensure I continue to give the best care. Names are not disclosed.

Q. How do you use my data and is it safe?
A. Data is stored securely and in accordance with the Information Commissioner and general data protection regulation (GDPR). Your data will be destroyed after a period of seven years. Your data will not be shared with third parties. 


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